Thursday, February 11, 2010

Season 1: It’s a Dog’s Life

It may or may not be a personal goal of mine to identify every episode featured in the MSW intro. Ok, moving on. One of the old “the dog gets everything” murder mysteries. This, contrary to my skepticism, has happened upon occasion. Anyways, I put off reviewing this one because it tries even my silliness quotient.


Denton Langley is a white-haired lothario who likes himself a good fox hunt. He also has eyes for our Jess, but doesn’t make the “Madly in Love with Jess” count because he dies. New rule I made up. Ok, now that I ruined it, Denton dies during a fox hunt. Karma! Or the result of a poisoned horse and a nasty fall. So Jess is at the scene because she is cousins with Abbey, a trainer Denton keeps employed on his property, Langley Manor. Abbey trains and takes care of all the animals, including Teddy, Denton’s beloved beagle. And it’s Teddy who gets everything once the will is revealed. All of Denton Langley’s relatives are hopping mad! But they really get angry when Trish Langley gets her melon crushed by the gate to the Langley estate. Who pushed the button?


Teddy—Haaa, Beagles don’t kill people! Unless they have rabies. Anyway, someone trained Teddy to push the button to the gate, so we can’t really hold him responsible. But still, bad dog!

Abbey Freestone—Jess’s cousin from jolly old England! (We need a family tree up in this piece). She trains all the animals Denton owns. Owned, I guess. Her access to the animals is pretty damming, especially when they all start going crazy, pushing buttons on gates that crush people’s heads and stuff.

Spencer Langley — Pompous son, in debt up to his eye balls. Tries to make us all believe a beagle viciously attacked him. So not the brightest bulb. Were his debts motive enough for murder?

Marcus Boswell– Denton’s lawyer, enforces the “Teddy gets everything” will at all costs. Seems to be in a bit of a money crunch, hence very incessant calls from his broker. But what could he stand to gain from dear Trish’s death?

Famous Actors

Lynn Redgrave, who starred in a movie called “The Happy Hooker.” It’s the first picture that comes up on her wiki page. Random. Ok well if you are new to things, you won’t realize that Lynn comes from a family of actors. All trained in both theatre and film. Apparently her latest role is “Drunken Lady at Ball” in “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Ouch. Still, Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, when’s the last time that happened to YOU?

80's Baby

“The latest in will technology” is a videotape of Denton talking to the camera by a roaring fire (in an office chair!). Remember when your favorite video tape got ruined. That was so sad, you were like, "Noooo! Come back to life, strange video tape guts!" Anyways, beyond the usual, that’s about it.

The End?

Jess is convinced someone trained Teddy to push that button. But she hits the teapot before doing anything. You know, tea first. Marcus Boswell comes in with a quite a grease spot on his trouser leg (Jess has something for the stain but he doesn’t take her up on it). Boswell goes off to accuse each of the relatives of training the dog, but Jess has a better idea. Why not inform everyone of what she thinks happened? So basically, her theory is someone was impersonating Trish. Once the security guard opened the gate and went out to help her in, the imposter put the already-dead Trish in place. I’m not really sure why, I’m just telling you what happened.

Jessica’s theory gaining traction, despite the fact she just told her suspect she… er… suspects him, she decides to up the ante. In a pseudo-legal public forum (say it 3 times fassssst), Jess displays that Teddy is responding to a specific bird call. Think, “Tweeet, Tweet!” Anywho, she fingers Marcus Boswell as the Teddy-trainer. Apparently, he coaxed Trish to drug Denton’s horse, promising her riches once she inherits. Once Trish saw the tape and realized she wouldn't get anything, Marcus feared she would talk. Remember that grease stain? Evidence of moonlight bicycle riding when Marcus came to Langley Manor to murder Trish. It’s all very damning; especially when Marcus collapses in tears (Jess has that effect). We end with Teddy, as happy as any Beagle freed from jail would be. Yes, he was held in jail. Oh MSW!


Kitten said...

"Beagles don’t kill people! Unless they have rabies." LOL!! Nothing bad ever came from pressing a button. Right?

I completely recognized Lynn Redgrave! She must've been in some 80's sitcom/drama that my mom watched back when I was kid raised with the TV on 24/7.

Excellent post! Great things happen when Elsie has snow days!!

Elsie said...

And I'm back to work tomorrow! The deluge ends!