Sunday, February 21, 2010

Season 1: Deadly Lady

You know, I was kind of down on the fact that it’s Sunday night and I have to work tomorrow. But as soon as that MSW theme song started boy, I was transported to good old Cabot Cove! Where there are no such things as “commuting” and “delays on the yellow line.” Anyway, we have some Jess jogging in this, along with a "Madly in Love with Jess" incident. He dies but I’m going to count him anyway. Just 'cause I like him. My blog, my rules. There’s also a really touching scene where Jess gives this new crush her dear Frank’s pipe. Sniff.


New to Cabot Cove, Ralph has been “hobo-ing” it for as long as he can remember. All it takes is some hedge trimming and Jess invites him in for breakfast. She then leaves him unaccompanied while investigating a murder down at the dock. Friendly town, eh?

After last night’s “Deadly Lady” (this is ocean-people speak for a bad storm), cosmetics CEO Stephen Earl has gone missing on his boat. But he wasn’t alone! It seems his 4 daughters were also on board, claiming he was swept overboard. Jess charms the girls as best she can, “love that knit sweater!” but they seem pretty oblique about what went on that night. There's no dead body yet, but that's never stopped Jess before.


Nancy Earl— “It’s Nan!” She cries to everyone. She's the bratty (youngest) *cough* sister. Declares that “none” of the Earl Sisters are sad he’s dead. Yeah, when your child says that you’ve pretty much failed. But no one ever listens to the youngest sister, so let’s move on.

Terry Jones— Ex-fiancé of Nancy’s (It’s Nan!) who Stephen never liked. Shows up right after daddy is found missing. Is he looking for a quick paycheck vis-a-vis his betrothed's inheritence?

Maggie Earl— Denies the “swept overboard” story ever took place, and admits to killing dad Stephen with a gun. But DO we believe her? Jess has her suspicions.

Lisa Earl Shelby— The “tactless” sister. I won’t assume birth order on this one, tactlessness is up for grabs. Anyways, married to a nasty rich husband who also happens (this might shock you) to really like money and his wife’s inheritance. Would he kill daddy in law for it?

Grace Earl- Knew the exact location of the boat in the middle of the storm. Unfortunately, this puts them RIGHT in the eye of the storm (go Jess!). Why all the lies Grace?

Famous Actors

Zip! Nada! Nil! Which is kind of sad, because looking up old movies stars up on wiki is fun, yet semi-exhausting.

80's Baby

Other than a pair of baby pink, peep toe “pumps,” nothing much to write home about. Although, Nancy exhibits the most gigantic cream blazer. Miami Vice blushes.

The End?

Jess decides Ralph, the “hobo,” and Stephen, the wealthy cosmetics CEO, are one and the same. She figures this out from the obituary photo, but of course everyone thinks she’s crazy. Think lots of New Englander “you are crazier than a…” sayings. So the body is found, and Jess thinks the girls are hiding something. But which one? With all this blue eyeliner it’s truly hard to tell.

When the body of Ralph/Stephen rolls up on the shore, its pretty obvious he didn’t die on the boat that night. Dead people don’t eat eggs and flirt outrageously with Jessica Fletcher. Under pressure (not really), Maggie admits that her dad came up with the scheme to show Nancy what a low-down-good-for-nothing ex-fiancé she has. It’s really silly, but what’s new.

Jess turns her attention to Terry (the ex), who admits that the scheme brought him to Nancy’s side, but not for inheritance reasons. It’s not until Nancy’s (NAN’S!) shoes are found near the beach where Stephen’s body rolled up, that Jess arranges a little MSW set up… After Nan (see, I finally got it) is conveniently arrested, Jess casually informs the Earl Sisters, and then goes to bed. But not without mentioning her intent to, “sleep in late.”

Well, the murder doesn’t know our Jess, early to rise you know, and well if it isn’t Maggie Earl breaking into Jess’s house late at night! Sidenote: She probably could have just opened the door, but I digress. Jess knows Maggie set up Nan as the obvious scapegoat for their father's murder. Which is a pretty shitty thing to do to your sister. I mean stealing a top now and then, fine, but framing them for murder? Yeah, that’s a non-starter. Maggie hated her father, and knew their obvious “fake” murder would be the perfect cover up for a real one. She tries to threaten Jess (new counter alert) but alas, our useless Sherriff Tupper was listening to her confession on the phone. Insert joke about Jess having 9 lives here.


Kitten said...

Loved this episode! But then again, I'm partial to the familiar MSW set-up of a rich old patriarch getting axed by one of his money-hungry relatives/employees. Another counter? Patriarch death toll?

"It's Nan!" Great youngest sister jokes, Elsie. :)

Elsie said...

Snort. For the record, you always act like a first born!

Kitten said...

Har! true...

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

"Dead people don’t eat eggs and flirt outrageously with Jessica Fletcher." Hahahaha, dying!