Friday, January 1, 2010

Season 12: Frozen Stiff

First off, this episode has more cows in it than probably all 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote put together! If that doesn't grab you, than how about a take-off on the ever-popular Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Introducing...Gary and Larry's Frozen Stuff.


This time, Jessica travels to my home state of Wisconsin to mingle with executives at an ice cream company that promised her funds for a literacy foundation. When a few unlucky folks turn up dead, will Jessica figure out the real scoop? (Snort!)

Gary & Larry employee Kyle McGregor is discovered in Larry's holstein-themed office, dead from an apparent suicide. His last call was captured on Larry's answering machine, along with a hang-up from his potential killer. Conveniently enough, Jessica is holed up at Larry's place and able to listen to the tape for clues.

Her new BFF Larry is the company's moral center, if you will, with Gary as his sleazy, money-hungry counterpart. When Gary's frozen corpse is discovered in the walk-in freezer, there are plenty of suspects for Mrs. Fletcher to run to ground.


Ralph Brewer--writer for Verity magazine. He was about to leak a story about Frozen Stuff using milk containing growth hormone, thus refuting the company's claim to be "all-natural". He was also sleeping with Gary's wife. Did he murder Gary in a fit of jealous and/or righteous rage?

Carol Herling---Gary's disgruntled and money-hungry wife. With her hubby out of the way, she stood to inherit some control in the company and would be free to continue her romance with Ralph out in the open.

Larry Armstrong---the only employee that was late for Kyle's funeral, which occurred during Gary's alleged time of death. Did he kill Gary over the growth hormone debacle, or to finally regain 100% control over their company?

Woody Seabrook---as Larry's long-lost illegitimate son, was he framing Larry for Gary's murder to exact revenge or maybe hungry to remove an annoyance for dear ol' dad?

Susan McGregor---mild-mannered, pastel turtleneck sweater and pleated pants-wearing wife of the first dead body of this episode, Kyle. Did she drive him to suicide after all, or does she have more to hide?

Sheriff Mike Chubb---no discernable motive, I just think his name is hilarious for an episode about ice cream

Jim Kenton---former tabloid writer turned PR guy, he definitely seem shifty throughout Jessica's investigation

Famous Actors
Ooh-blah-dee, ooh-blah-daaaah, life goes on-aaaaah!
The ice cream mavens themselves, Gary and Larry, are played by TV stars Dirk Benedict (Face from "The A-Team") and Bill Smitrovich (Corky's dad from "Life Goes On") respectively. I hear they're doing a remake movie of the A-Team, btw...I hope a certain someone gets a cameo. If he's still alive. A-hem.

90's Baby
Check out some seriously "funky" shirt patterns on Larry, always paired with a suit jacket---sans tie, of course. There was a lot of cheesy pastels and neon lights in the Frozen Stuff corporate office, which did nothing to complement Larry's cow-tacular office. My husband noted plenty of extremely dated computer screens, systems and read-outs that were improbable at best.

The End?
Remember the missing $750,000? Kyle McGregor was illegally siphoning away the funds, then had a change of heart after being blackmailed by Jim Kenton. Kyle shot himself in front of Jim, but not before giving the suitcase of money to his wife Susan with instructions to return the funds to the literacy foundation.

Turns out that Susan was the one who leaked the tainted milk story to Verity magazine, only because Gary threatened to fire Kyle if he didn't go along with the whole thing. Susan murdered Gary after he discovered that she still had the money and demanded to meet with her. She stuffed him in the freezer at 8:10am and broke Gary's wristwatch after setting it for 9am, thus faking the time of death right around Kyle's funeral.

Then we all had a nice freeze-frame laugh because Jessica used the police crime lab to run an analysis on Gary & Larry's tropical ice cream. Our super sleuth just couldn't live without determining their secret ingredient. Har!


Elsie said...

My favorite, 'mild-mannered, pastel turtleneck sweater and pleated pants-wearing wife.' WOW, I love the cow references, along with the freeze frame secret ingredient calamity. That's our Jess!

Joe said...

I am amazed that Ben & Jerrys didn't sue over this episode. Even the business model was copied, and "Larry & Gary" - they may as well used their real names.

Joe said...

I am amazed that Ben & Jerrys didn't sue over this episode. Even the business model was copied, and "Larry & Gary" - they may as well used their real names.