Sunday, January 24, 2010

Season 1: Murder at the Oasis

I love all the free time everyone has in this fantasy land of “TV.” Ever notice how Jess is always vacationing, or “visiting friends” in fabulous day spas for weeks at a time? Ok, maybe not day spas, but you get the picture. Anywho, I guess that’s what being a famous author gets you. Endless vacations with friends who have butlers. Johnny Shannon is some kind of music producer in a place called Desert Palms. Writes ditties for TV commercials, it all seems very dramatic. Times must be good because he lives in a palatial pad with his good for nothing (his words) son, daughter and a butler. Jess is friends with Johnny and is quickly on the scene when his body is discovered, slumped over in his lounge, shot in the back of the head. But nobody heard a shot, enter our…

Peg Sherry—Johnny’s ex. Made a late night visit the night Johnny died. They “made love” and she left. I’m not sure that’s what I would call boinking your ex husband, but whatever.

Vic Larosa-- Famous tennis player channeling John McEnroe. He was being used by Terry to piss off daddy. Oh these rich girls and their games!! Vic was spotted in the house the night of the murder, just one day after a big public fight with the dead man the day before. Vic is charged with Johnny’s death, and for a tennis player, runs pathetically slow when the police come to arrest him. As you can guess, Jess aint buying it.

Buster-- Butler. See below posts, butlers don’t get last names. Johnny sometimes treated his butler like poop. Shocker. Jess finds this very intriguing.

Mickey Shannon-- Good for nothing son whose hair color seems to change through the episode. Was seen sneaking into the den right before his father was shot. He claims he left him alive, and then goes on to say he often wanted to kill his father. Jess does her eyebrow raise.

Terry Shannon-- Rich, spoiled, entitled daughter of the deceased Johnny. Has a history of impulsive, reckless actions. Not unlike… other entitled, rich girls I imagine. I guess because of her past she wanted to torture her father by dating Vic, a guy he hates. I don’t really get why, but she’s a blond loose cannon dammit!

Lieutenant Barnes-- Chiseled chin and blond hair…. Le sigh. Anyway, he claims that Desert Palms doesn’t have a homicide division, so apparently that means she’s on the case. From the looks of that police station, me thinks they could do some budgeting and find a way for one, but I digress. He left the Chicago police under mysterious circumstances.

Famous Actors
There is a burly security guard who looks like a James Bond villian. The Sean Connery Bonds. Anyway, that’s kind of it.

80’s Baby
Large, thick gold chains, copious use of all purple shades. There is a truly horrible female tie (gaaaa!), and a pair of large “Jackie O” sunglass that, I’m not ashamed to admit, I own right now. Jess is sporting some enormously large earrings, not unlike those my Big Ma used to favor. And no, I don’t own those.

The End?
Jess theorizes that the “stereo television” (ohhh, what’s that?!) might cause enough noise to muffle the gun shot. She, with help from our studly Lieutenant, know that the killer must have come from inside the house, or else they would have been snagged by the uber security system. But our Jess uncovers a way around the security system, good old hanky panky. The killer snuck in when the security was turned off to let our angry tennis player in to see Terry.

Jess notices a missing picture frame at the crime scene, which our silly Lieutenant shrugs off. But when the Butler says, “I get the picture,” it all…. Comes…. Back! The goal of the hit? A videotape. Don’t ask me what’s on it. Some kind of corruption, mob stuff. Anyways, the “picture” the Lieutenant shrugged off was taken before Johnny was dead. There was no way he could have known about it, unless he had been in the room at the time. He pulls a gun on Jess, and she calls for some very handy back up. They all pile in, and she thanks him for providing her with the only real evidence of the case, his gun. Ballistics will prove it fired the fatal shot. She gives him her steeliest glare, as he hands over the gun.


Kitten said...

Love this! I remember this episode. Fave quote: "for a tennis player, runs pathetically slow when the police come to arrest him". Lol!

Midnight ASMR said...

The butler did have a surname. His full name was mentioned at least twice: Buster Bailey.

Other than that, I loved your article :)