Sunday, September 20, 2009

Season 3: Keep the Home Fries Burning

Bad preserves strike Cabot Cove, leather shoulder bags and uppity business women from the Health Department all make appearances.


Bo from Dickson’s Diner is jealous. All Cabot Cove is obsessed with the Joushua Peabody Inn, a new dining spot big on homemade preserves and cheesy Cabot memorabilia. It also comes with a surly cook and a slew of colorful diners, including: council members Hawthorne and Ebenezer, Jess and her crew and two ladies on a gals road trip. Jessica spots Italian suede on the gal pals (!), but it turns out several diners are about to get more than what they bargained for after breakfasting on strawberry preserves. So a bunch of people get sick, but only Betty Filder (one of the gals) bites the dust. Her friend, Willamena Fraizer, is distraught. But it's Willamena’s husband who seems particularly upset…

Ms. Perry (from the Health Department) is quickly on the scene to point fingers and basically be the business-woman-bad-guy in a manner of speaking. Snotty, self-righteous, you get the drill. Basically they hone in on those strawberry preserves, a pot of which is mysteriously missing. I say “they” but it’s really only Jess, of course. Dr. Seth concludes it’s not food poisoning (to Ms. Health Dept's chagrin). Instead, it's some fast-acting poison, the symptoms of which Jessica is thoroughly versed in. So they conclude its murder, and are off to find where that missing preserve jar walked off to.

The Suspects

Bo Dickson- Owns rival establishment Dickson’s Diner. Makes all kind of threats to Floyd Nelson, owner of the rival establishment Joushua Peabody’s. Bo was among the diners that fateful morning, casing the competition as it were. Coincidentally, his table was the last resting place of the preserves.

Willamena Fraizer- I had to look up how to spell that first name, just FYI. This gal was sporting the Italian suede purse Jess spotted in the diner, and was with Betty when she took fatally ill.

Floyd Nelson- Owner of Joushua Peabody’s, in the business of staying in business, at all costs. Which would mean he would have no motive for poisoning one of his customers. This means he doesn’t really belong in the “suspects” category. Sorry. He does mop his establishment's floor in a suit though, which I found highly suspcious.

Hawthorne- Threatened a fellow council member (Ebenezer McHenry) over details on a kickback he received from a Portland contractor. Was he crazy enough to silence him via preserve poisoning?

Dupre- Resident surely chef of Joushua Peabody’s. Dupre wants out of his contract with the owner, and he’ll do anything to be released. He fakes a French pedigree, which Jess unveils with her thorough knowledge of French cuisine (something about bĂ©arnaise sauce).

Cornelia- Apparently, council members, chefs and waitresses don’t get last names. Conelia waitresses at Joushua Peabody’s before she defected back to Dickson’s Diner. Was she in on the preserve debacle to bring customers back to Dickson’s?

Famous Actors

Our girl Jess is the only shining 80’s star in this epi.

80's Baby!

Slouch boots, harem pants, fluffy bun/garish blush combinations. Basically, NYC Fashion Week 2009… The crux of the story revolves around a horrid looking patchwork shoulder bag that our victim Betty sports about.

The End?

Jess is convinced one person was the target of the poisoning, and hones in on the Betty/Willamena friendship. Through her uncanny ability to ferret out love confessions, Mr. Fraizer confesses that he was having an affair with Betty, who was urging him to tell his wife, Willamena. A reference to tips on items called “credit cards” (what are those?) remind Jess of Willamena’s gorgeous suede purse.

Cut to a scene where Willamena is tipping her nurse literally $2 for “taking such good care of me” while she recovered in the hospital from those preserves. I mean I realize we need to adjust for inflation, but really, $2??? So Jessica intercepts her departure with an innocent question about the suede purse. The purse she stored the poisoned preserves in!!! Apparently, Willamena went back to “leave a tip on the table” and actually recovered the jar, ditching the evidence and pilfering Betty’s patchwork purse as a replacement. She had known about the affair, and planned her friend’s demise somewhere along their road trip, poisioning herself (just a bit) to divert suspicion. As Mr. Fraizer hangs his head in sadness, Willamena realizes she has lost her husband’s love forever. We end our epi in Dickson’s diner, cue bad joke by Amos and an eye brow raise by Jess.


Kitten said...

Awesome! Extra points for saying "hone in" twice! :) And extra extra points for noticing the suspicious floor sweeping.

Elsie said...

Seriously, he was in a full-on suit mopping. Highly unusual. BUT, it was the 80's...

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

I've just found this, and I love it!! It never makes sense how Jessica solves the crime, and I don't care! :)