Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Season 5: Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

This episode has all the makings for a highly enjoyable viewing experience: 1) inventive title, 2) takes place in Cabot Cove, 3) plethora of famous guest stars--all of my favorites!

Cabot Cove is spooked by the alleged appearance of the ghost of Patience Terhune, a town ancestor that was burned at the stake for witchcraft. The anniversary of her death is just days away when Dr. Hazlitt (sporting quite a significant recent weight loss) spots her chanting near a pentagram and vowing to avenge her death on the town. You never know what might happen once night falls on Cabot Cove!

Mildred Terhune, town librarian, is the sole descendent of the famous Patience and when her long-lost younger sister Irene turns up in town shortly after the ghost sighting, Jessica becomes suspicious. Even worse, "Patience" is spotted entering an old barn, which subsequently burns to the ground. Then Irene's dead body is discovered in the partially burnt barn. Was it witchcraft, or good ol' fashion murder?


Mildred Terhune--Jessica found a letter stating that the old apple orchard Mildred had recently became heir to had flourished into a lucrative multi-million dollar development. Was she aware of her inheritance and unwilling to share it with Irene, despite her claims otherwise?

Gordon Fairchild--arrived in town to hype a book he authored about Patience Terhune that was set to release on the anniversary of her death. He seemed pretty desperate to drum up sales, but desperate enough to stage a murder?

Adam Forbisher--Mildred's fiancee and town handyman, was he threatened by Irene's recent reappearance?

Jonas Holt--taxi driver that first picked up Irene Terhune from the bus station and then showed her around town...romantic feelings ensued.

Rick Rivers--seedy media promoter, he hired "Irene" (really just an out of work actress) to insert herself into Mildred's life and to perform various witchy stunts around town as a means of drumming up publicity for Gordon Fairchild's book.

Reverend Fordyce--hired by the townspeople to conduct an exorcism to lift the curse of Patience Terhune, was he in cahoots with "Irene" and did it go sour?

Jessica decides that the killer will return to the barn to clean up any remaining evidence, so she plans a sting with the help of Sheriff Mort and Dr. Hazlitt. Who should appear but Mildred's fiancee, Adam Forbisher! He conveniently confesses to targeting Mildred from the get-go for her money and killing Irene so they could have a bigger share of the pot. After overhearing Rick Rivers talking on the phone about staging the barn burning, he had a perfect spot to dispose of Irene's body. Unfortunately, he also overheard that Irene was never Irene in the first place, thus no threat to Mildred's fortune. Whoops, too bad she's already dead.

Famous Actors:
You will first note the presence of Roddy McDowall, famous silver screen movie actor and BFF of Elizabeth Taylor, as the annoying and pompous Gordon Fairchild. Nobody plays an effeminate elite like Roddy McDowall!

Then of course, there's comedian Bill Maher as Rick Rivers. Oh my. All I can say about his brunette mullet is...Beauty and the Beast!!

Rounding out the notable celebrities is John J. York, looking pretty darn young. "General Hospital" fans will recognize him immediately as portraying a long-time soap fan favorite, Mac Scorpio, part of a former super-couple and then became town police chief.

80's Baby:
Apart from Bill Maher rockin' the 80's mullet to it's fullest extent (and I mean fluffy fullness!), I can't remember anything else particularly standing out.

The End?
Jessica mentions coming into Dr. Hazlitt's office the next day because her neck hurts. When he says why bother, Jessica coyly asks if he's finally admitting to not knowing everything about medical science. Nope, he just recalled that J.B. is distantly related to the Brewster family, famous in town for incurable cervical issues. And there's no cure for a 300 year old pain in the neck. Freeze frame!


Elsie said...

WOW, you are too good at these, I nearly snotted all over my lunch several times. LOVE the ending, Bill Maher, WTF! Must see MSW viewing.

Kitten said...

He wasn't half bad as an actor. Better than the chick who played Irene. I'm not sure she was even trying.