Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Season 3: Dead Man's Gold

Sunken treasure off the coast of Cabot Cove? Ya don't say?

David Everett (Leslie Nielsen) breezes back into Mrs. Fletcher's life, an old flame who knew her as Jessie McGill back in the day. David has a string of ex-wives and a questionable financial history of apparent "scams", but still wonders "what might have been" with Jessica. Dr Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Tupper catch wind of Mr. Everett's shenanigans and go into over-protection mode around Jessica. Meanwhile, David takes every available opportunity to drive them nuts by flirting steamily with J.B. Ha!

By the way, David brought with him to Cabot Cove a team of "kids" who are helping him find a sunken ship that may contain treasures of gold. They've formed a formal partnership and if anyone leaves/dies/goes missing, the remaining partners get a bigger cut of the proceeds.

Of course, one-by-one, the partners are seemingly threatened. First, Bill Ainsley's diving equipment is tampered with, landing him in the hospital. Next, Alexandra Bell is run over by a car on dark, deserted Cabot Cove road. Meanwhile, David owes $50K to a loan shark that isn't afraid to shake him down in the middle of town. Who could be the killer?


Colby Russell--Alex's boyfriend. He left her drunken, obnoxious self on the side of a road in the middle of the night after an argument. Ever the gentleman, he did give her 20 cents for a phone call and 5 bucks for a cab.

Larry Gaynes--masquerades as David's nephew, he owns a computer company and was most of the money behind this expedition. He leaves town suddenly after Alex's murder.

Susan Ainsley--wife of the first victim. She likes to lounge around on deck of the expedition boat, applying make-up.

Gregory Small & Ross Barber--loan shark and his "muscle" that are trying to get their money back from David Everett.

David Everett--would he kill Alex to get a larger share of the fortune? He is becoming increasingly desperate for cash and even hits Jessica up for $10K.

After lots of innuendo and suspicious manuveuring on the part of David Everett, Jessica confronts Susan Ainsley at her recuperating spouse's hospital bedside. Susan confesses to tampering with her husband's diving equipment ("I did it for you!") and murdering Alex out of some vague jealousy/inadequacy motives. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure why she did either crimes, but she end of story.

Famous Actors:
Well, obviously Leslie Nielsen as the erstwhile love interest, David Everett. He also appeared in the cruise episode from Season 1: My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean. I suppose you could count J. Eddie Peck (Colby) because he's played a doctor on practically every daytime soap I've ever watched (All My Children, Days of Our Lives, etc.). Hmm, I still wonder what the "J" stands for?

Honorable mention goes to Wendy Kilbourne (our culprit, Susan Ainsley) because I recognized her immediately from the "North and South" miniseries. She played Constance, the Irish wife of the northern non-Patrick Swayze male lead, James Read. According to a little bit of internet research, they eventually married and had two kids. Huh. Anyway, she'll always be fondly remembered by my sister and I for calling her "N&S" hubby "Jaaarge" (George), in a truly horrendous Irish accent.

80's Baby:
Alex wears a very heinous hot pink jumpsuit with enormous shoulder pads on the night of her demise, topping the look off with 80's hair wings. Susan is shown in flashback wearing an oversized aqua bomber jacket replete with unnecessary shoulder padding. Larry offers to set Jessica up with one of those new-fangled computers after mocking her ancient typewriter.

The End?
David finds out that the sunken treasure probably floated off to sea. Still, he manages to settle his debts with the loan shark and sails wistfully off into the sunset...and out of Jessica's life, leaving her a sentimental note in a book he stole from the Cabot Cove library. Sniff!


Elsie said...

LOVE N&S. So was the passion betwixt Jess and Leslie N the real thing? Har

Kitten said...

It was palpable!!