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Season 3--Magnum on Ice

Ya gotta love the 80's for crossover episodes! Here is a brief recap of a crossover between our beloved MSW during season 3 and Magnum PI, season 7. Bear with me because I haven't watched part 1 of this crossover which was featured on Magnum PI only.

Magnum is being held as a murder suspect by a crusty, chunky, unreasonable and vaguely threatening police captain. Jessica joins him at the police station and vows to aid in his release. Apparently in part 1, there was a party full of potential suspects in which a man named Mayfield was shot and Magnum fired a weapon at him in self-defense. Jessica is still in her party garb, a lovely dress with a reverse V neckline and sheer sleeves...very mother-of-the-bride.

Jessica retires to change into her Hawaiian casual attire which appears for the duration of the episode: white chunky jewelry, pastel florals, camel sling bag. Upon returning to the scene of the crime, she quite easily finds a shell casing from Magnum's weapon. The police have found two others belonging to a different gun, but only two shots total were heard by witnesses.

Jessica is denied entrance to Magnum's jail cell and she employs a favorite tactic: threatening to contact the state governor, who just so happens to be a good friend! How Jessica manages to maintain friendships with all the governors for the states in which she stumbles across a murder is a mystery itself, but our lady is well-connected indeed.

Mrs. Fletcher makes the rounds to question a variety of suspects including:

Jason Bryan: business man who arranged the party in honor of the victim, but denied knowing him personally

Joan Fulton: cougar-type widow that recently inherited a profitable business and may have had a personal relationship with Jason Bryan--she offers a bellboy $100 for a "massage" but is interrupted by Jessica in a quite icky/hilarious scene

Arthur Houston: business man who may have employed the victim and may have asked Jason Bryan to arrange the party--interested in buying Joan Fulton's business

Amy Salyer: Joan's secretary and on the run from her possibly abusive husband--delivered an envelope to Mr. Houston on Joan's behalf

Amy is discovered with a treasure trove of diamond jewelry that she claims to have inherited from her deceased grandmother. She is hoping to use the jewels to start a new life far and begs for Jessica's help in eluding her hubby. When Jessica presents this info to Magnum and Higgins, Magnum incredulously states that Amy's story sounds too much like a plot in one of Jessica's novels. He admits to reading only one of J.B.'s mysteries, but didn't finish it because he figured out who the murderer was right away: the psychiatrist. Nope, counters Jessica--it was the lawyer. Cue Hawaiian music!

After Magnum is released on a $100K bail, Arthur Houston is murdered and Magnum's famous cap is found near the body! With the police hot on his tail, Magnum breaks into Jessica's room for chat just as she was drawing a bath--eek. Banter ensues and our two sleuths agree to be on a first name basis going forward. Let me just mention that Jessica's room has a simply incredible view of the ocean. It obviously pays to be a best-selling author.

Amy's husband Victor shows up and Jessica runs to Amy's hotel room to warn her. Just then, Victor jumps through the window, wielding a tire iron. Jessica appear ready to offer herself as a human shield for Amy just when Higgins appears in the doorway. Higgins' poorly disguised stunt double and Victor's stunt double grapple and Jessica neatly kicks the tire iron away while wearing an open-toed sandal--ouch! (I'm guessing Jessica's stunt double did the kicking on that one.)

The jewels are missing! Joan posted Magnum's bail, but why? Jessica goes to confront her final suspect, Joan, who immediately confesses all. She didn't want to sell her business, but Mayfield (first murder victim) and Houston (second murder victim) were pressuring her to sell or they would put out a contract on her life. During the confession, Magnum appears outside the window, creeping along the window sill--a popular means of entering this hotel, apparently.

Joan pulls a gun and silencer out of her luggage and Magnum swings in through the window, just in time to disarm her as the police arrive. Jessica: "Do you always make such dramatic entrances?" Cue Hawaiian music!

Famous Actors
Nobody apart from Tom Selleck as Magnum and John Hillerman as Higgins. However, a few other actors seemed vaguely familiar such as Jared Martin as Arthur Houston and Jessica Walter as Joan Fulton.

80's Baby
When Magnum is sitting in the police station waiting area, my husband and I immediately noticed a Tina Turner-esque hooker character sitting in the background who was joined by a mulleted man wearing only a demin vest and jeans--no shirt of course, because this is Hawaii in the 80's!

When Jessica questions Arthur Houston, he is comfortably situated outdoor in front of a patio table holding a gigantic 80's word processor.

Loads of chunky plastic jewelry appear on all the female characters throughout this episode.

Magnum's ultra-short, front-pleated khaki shorts make an appearance in the last scene--paired with a partially unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt framing a copious amount of luxurious chest hair.

The End?
Jessica strolls along a beautiful Hawaiian beach while Magnum and Higgins argue about who should take her to the airport.

Magnum to Jessica: If you don't get a PI license, then I won't buy a typewriter. Deal?

Jessica to Magnum: Deal!

They go in for a handshake that turns into a high five, laugh, freeze frame!

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