Sunday, March 29, 2009

Season 3- "Cemetary Vote"

This MSW has all the components of a great episode. Corrupt sheriffs, “road side” gambling operations, belted 80’s fashion, and a particularly damming set up. This one takes place outside our our beloved Cabot Cove, though they never really let on where, exactly, Jessica is. It’s obviously a small town, as the creepy Sheriff reminds Jessica during one run-in.

Jessica is decked in her finest tweeds on a trip to visit Linda, the bereaved wife of former Mayor Jim. Jim kicked the can in a fishy car accident and is, of course, an old buddy of Jessica’s from quaint little Cabot Cove. Jessica has an old codger egging her on in this one, Harry, Jim’s dad, a salty dog not at all convinced his son died an accidental death. An obvious suspect is David, the deputy mayor, who is staffed by our resident slutty secretary, Cindy. But we also have a nicely smarmy Sheriff Yates, and his hot-headed Deputy, Wayne. The Sheriffs are in cahoots with Kate, an old dame who runs an illegal gambling operation. Seems like they are doing decent business now that Jim is no longer in the picture...

Jessica and her codger friend, Harry, are determined to find the car Jim or “Jimmy” died in. But no, Sheriff Yates won’t allow that, so they must content themselves with going through Jimmy’s personal effects. Included in those effects is a cryptic “cipher” (Jessica’s word) and a nail ring, an old-fashioned piece of jewelry Harry had given his son. We know it’s important because Jessica uses her “this is important” frown. Harry puts on the ring, and the next day is found dead. Linda is unconvinced Jim was killed, and doesn’t appear very shaken when Harry’s found dead the next day. Very suspicious. Jessica has some nice back and forth with the Sheriff, she is able to determine Harry’s cause of death (banged over the head), and gets them to admit Jimmy’s murder was somewhat suspicious. Pretty good for the first 18 minutes. Putting her thinking cap on, Jessica accepts a ride from David. And just when you think she is dialing down the suspects, whoaaaaa, a huge truck totally tries to run our girl off the road, a suspiciously complacent David in the driver’s seat!

Jessica is convinced there’s a snitch in David’s office that tipped off that truck to their whereabouts. She focuses on the secretary, Cindy. Cindy is no match for Jessie’s expert questioning, “Mrs. Fletcher… honest!” “Now Cindy, don’t lie to me…” So she gets the affair out of Cindy, but she vehemently denies tipping off the car. Cindy also helps us out in deciphering what the “cipher” really is, a reference to legal documents, of course! Actually 2 records…. Actually I didn’t understand this any more than Jessica did. Apparently it referenced 2 court cases, which, when looked up reveal signed statements about our local gambling place. Jessica decides its time for one of her legendary set ups. She surprises David at his office, giving him the heads up about the illegal gambling, slyly laying her trap by telling him about an impending raid. She slips out using some convoluted excuse about Linda waiting, leaving the door open a crack to hear David make the damning call warning about the raid. The resulting scene has all the features of a great confession, “Sorry, I got the time wrong” sniffs Jess as she re-enters the room. David pleads ignorance, Jess is happy to fill in the gaps for him, correcting him on several attempts to weasel out of it, (“Jessica you can weave a story out the flimsiest material!”) But Jessica proves him wrong, we get a nice flashback about David referencing Harry’s ring, but we ALL know Harry only put in on before he left the house that night. Making David the last person he saw… wow this confession is pretty drawn out. Jessica basically proves David killed Harry and Jim, just in time for the state police to come waltzing in.

Famous Actors
I spotted Bruce Davison as David, our murderer, still doing the politician thing as Senator Kelly in the Xmen movies.

80’s Baby!
Well, the women certainly enjoyed lining that lower eye. Also in attendance is a truly atrocious full-on perm sported by Linda, and the side wave head tilt modeled by Cindy. There are also some truly hilarious nightgowns, of the polyester up-to-your-neck variety, complete with superfluous bows. Our girl Jess looks nice in this epi, never without her trusty sling handbag, and sensible pumps.

The End?
The classic Fletcher joke, laugh, and scene!


Kitten said...

You forgot Charlene Tilton (Cindy) of "Dallas" fame. Just watched this episode last night! Excellent 'sode, excellent recap. :)

Kitten said...

Can you believe how Texas-y Idaho can be? Oh, the distinguished gray-haired guy that played the state police-ish character was a ganglord on "General Hospital" who was always after Luke & Laura. It's fun to see these actors all skinny and young(ish)!!

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